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Aver hosting the International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare.

We are taking the responsibility to organize and maintain the event with professors, university lecturers, hospital nurses, students, and more to make it successful.

We invite all the participants to take part in the conference as a speaker, poster presenter, exhibitor, sponsor to share their research and future job opportunities. 

Interested participants send their abstract to Aver Nursing

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Invitation to 2nd World Wide Conference on Infectious Diseases

Open to all..!!

Opportunity to meet the world leader of Infectious Diseases

If you have an outstanding research or case study that you wish to present, the Infectious Congress 2021 invites you to submit your paper and take part by sharing your ideas and best practices.
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Aver Conferences organizing webinars on AI & Robotics on November 10-11, 2020 on Goto Meeting platform.

Speakers Abstract Submission  Brochure  

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Bookmark your dates at Conference on Climate Change & Sustainability

November 06, 2020, on goto Meeting.

We invite you to participate as a speaker/listener at the Conference on Climate Change & Sustainability

One day program gives you all the required information in the field of Climate Change & Sustainability.


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People from Industries, research institutes, academic universities, associations, and societies will be attending #NursingWebinar2020.

The best opportunity to all the #Delegates and #Speakers to interact with each other on this great platform. Your presence will definitely have a positive impact on future ventures and innovations.

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Welcome to today's Webinar on Visionscience & Eye will be held on October 05, 2020.

Visit our website at Aver Vision science

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"Pupillometry reaction and it’s an emotional relationship during bi-sensorial stimuli in university students"

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Webinar on Neurology & Brain Disorders will be held on November 27-28, 2020

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Aver Conferences aim is to provide an excellent forum for upcoming young researchers, scientists, professors, and other highly affiliated people to share their research in that particular field. Currently, Aver Conferences is a unique organization which organizes professional, scientific and medical conferences worldwide. We promote the free exchange of innovative thoughts at the research frontiers of the science, medical, health, clinical, engineering, and technology. Our aim is to explore the research information globally to all the people in the scientific community that encompasses the knowledge in all the fields.